Here is the SMART way to set social media goals

SMART objectivesMany companies are outsourcing the management of the social networks to third-parties or hand the whole shebang to a rookie or intern. This, in itself, is no a bad thing, provided the job is well defined, the goal solid and the participants trusted to do the job with tact, brains and tenacity.

It may sound obvious, but you would be amazed at the number of people who toss the keys to their social palaces indiscriminately without batting an eyelid.


New location-sensitive advertising on Twitter expected this year

man in streetSo imagine it: you are walking down the street in City ABC, and you decide to check your tweets. A promoted tweet is prominently displayed, offering you a discount on the goods or services. Turns out the shop is right in front of you.

Would you be more tempted to enter?

Twitter is banking on this being an attractive offer for both the consumer and the shop owner. According to Ad Age, geo-targeted ads could be out before the end of 2013. More…

ex-CEO John McAfee releases bonkers video attacking the company he created

Friend and ex-colleague at just wrote about this bonkers video (watch below) from John McAfee, creator of McAfee software. I decided to post it here too, to highlight the PR fiasco that must be going on in the security software giant’s house.

In the video, John McAfee says that people email him complaints about McAfee security software screwing up their computers. The complaints are rather spirited in their language, and they are read out in full colour by John McAfee himself. Let’s just say he is not best pleased with how his software has developed since he left the helm.

Take a watch, but note that it has some, shall we say, adult themes (think boobs, guns, and bath salts). If at work, I suggest you don’t maximise the screen and use headphones:


3 tips to getting your social media followers to stick around

Blah - man: broadcastingToday’s businesses are dipping their hands in the social media pond, but they are only skimming the surface of its power. Sure, use Twitter and Facebook to broadcast weblinks, pray your corporate videos go viral on YouTube, and show the kids your are oh so hip by posting on Instagram or Pintrest.

But many companies don’t understand how to get more out of their efforts. Check out these tips to help you make your social media strategy more sticky: More…